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The car configurator for MELKUS sports cars. Current MELKUS models feature an unique and timeless design with gull wing doors. With up to 350 bhp the cars are quite fast and agile, as their weight is only 975 kg. If you are a car enthusiast, you know a few other cars with similar features. But what about exclusivity? With only 20 MELKUS cars made each year it’s very unlikely you ever meet another one on the road!

MELKUS is a German car manufacture with a long tradition in motor sports. The most famous drivers from East Germany have been Heinz Melkus and his son Ulli. Heinz Melkus had the idea to build the only sports car from East Germany. This resulted in the well known MELKUS RS1000. Fourty years later his grandson Sepp Melkus and his team follow the same principles: lightness, handling and a lot of power.

With this app you can configure both current models MELKUS RS2000 GT and MELKUS RS2000 GTS according to your taste. Choose an exterior colour, select the wheels and so on. Look at the car of your dreams from different angles.

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Maybe you want to share your dream with a friend? You can send him your favorite configuration as an email.
Maybe you just want a car to dream about on your own? Store images of your preferred configuration in Photos and go from there.
Maybe you want to listen to the sound of the motor sport exhaust? Well, enjoy.

If you are interested in getting a car of your own, why not send an enquiry with your preferred setup to the manufacturer, right from this app?

We’d like to thank Martin Losack of Sixam for providing the high quality renderings. Last but not least, we’d like to thank Sepp Melkus for allowing us to participate in this incredible project. Keep on racing!

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